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Kid1: Who's the strongest?
Kid2: The one who shot just now!
Kid3: That one... the one walking around on the pitch.
Kid2: I want to be the goalkeeper, always... I never want to change.
JC: *waves and makes dorky moves*

Paolo: Let me introduce to you one of the best coaches in the world, now coaching Internazionale Football Club, José Mourinho! Here he is!
Kids: *clap hands*
Paolo: Raise your hand if you want to ask something! Let's start with a girl, Ilaria! *points*
Ilaria: Is Mourinho more beautiful than Paolo?
José: *laughing* What...?
Paolo: ...she asked if... you're more beautiful than I am... I don't know, I am ugly but at least I try to be decent...
José: *laugs* I think the most beautiful man in the world is your daddy. He's better than me and better than him.
Paolo: Andrè! *points*
Andrè: You get a lot of money to train Inter, don't you? But do they still pay you if you lose?
José: Uh *laughs* That's a good question. Usually, coaches that work get less money than coaches that have been fired... I prefer to earn less and work more. (Oh hai José being a bitch against Mancio! NdRoflingLiz)
Paolo: *laughs* Filippo, Filippo! *points*
Filippo: You're from Portugal... do you have Gormiti in Portugal like we have them here in Italy?
José: *looks at Paolo clearly not knowing what the boy is talking about*
Paolo: Gormiti... they're like... like... monsters... like Chiellini.
José: *looks like someone who suddenly understands what's the matter of the question* *laughs* Yeah, yeah... they're the same.
AlmostUnbearablyCute!Kid: Can you come and see me playing football sometimes...?
José: *looks like someone who's just being killed by cuteness* Uh... oh... It'll be-... I'd like to, but it's difficult... my own son plays football and I didn't see him once, for example... it's difficult for me to find the time, but I really like to see kids playing.
Paolo: Alessio!
Alessio: Who decides what to watch on tv in your family?
José: My children.
Alessio: *laughs*
Paolo: Heh, you laugh... you decide too, mh? Annalia, Annalia!
Annalia: My dad told me you gave a cross to a kid... Is Portugal's Jesus the same I pray for here in Italy?
José: *smiles, overwhelmed by cuteness* I think he's the same.
Paolo: Emanuele, right there! Then it's your turn, Kevin.
Emanuele: Do you laugh when you're asleep?
José: *laughs*
Paolo: *astonished* ...did you just asked him if he laughs when he's asleep?
José: Who knows, who knows... Maybe I laugh when I'm asleep so I don't need to laugh when I'm awake too!
Paolo: But, I mean, who laughs when he's asleep? Emanuele, do you?
Emanuele: Yes, a little...
Paolo: Good for you, at least you're happy! Jordan! *points* (Paolo, wasn't it Kevin's turn now? XD NdLiz)
Jordan: I'm a goalkeeper... I know your dad were too, do you have some suggestion for me?
StartingToGetEmo!José: Goalkeepers are... lonely men. They're lonely, on the pitch. They've got different kits from the others, they stay in different positions than the others, they've got big responsibilities and they've got to be good, they've got to be really strong and determined.
Paolo: Alessia!
Alessia: Would you train women?
José: Mmmh, I think it's already difficult to train men, maybe it's even more difficult to train women. With my personality, I don't think I could be a women's coach. (Which means things we don't really want to explain now, in front of the kids. NdFangirlingLiz)
Paolo: Filippo!
FIlippo: You're a good coach, but... were you bad as a player?
José: *trying not to laugh himself sick and ending up using a terribly high voice* Yes... I certainly wasn't a wonder... luckily, I did better as a coach.
Paolo: Oh... wait, wait, Sharon raised her hand... maybe she's got a question, at least, if it's not a cramp.
José: *laughs*
Sharon: Do you swear when you're angry?
José: *smiling and being more beautiful than ever* Unfortunately, I do. I do it with players and I do it with my staff... I obviously don't with kids, but it's difficult to get angry at kids. (José, you're the ONLY MAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who finds difficult to get angry at kids. NdLiz)
Paolo: One last question, who wants to ask it? Just one, and make sure it's a great one. Mister, you choose.
AlreadyKnowingTheKidsLikeHe'sBeenCoachingThemForYears!José: Kevin, Kevin.
Paolo: *laughs* Kevin, come on.
Kevin: Do you dream of playing football when you're asleep?
José: I always dream about matches... the one already passed, the one that's coming. Yes, sometimes I dream about playing football.
Paolo: Mister, what would you say to the kids here and the ones that are watching us on tv now?
MostWonderfulManInTheWorld!José: What I want to say is that if I could I would trade all my press conferences for press conferences like this one. (José, I LOVE YOU so much. NdLiz)

Crappy transcription and translation made by me, 'cause there's no English version of this interview on Inter.it and the Italian one has unfortunately been deprived of various moments of pure LOL.

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