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LOL [02 Jan 2011|01:21am]


xD anybody know when this was?
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José's Foreword to Didier Drogba's Autobiography [20 Nov 2010|07:21pm]


all he really talks about is all the times Didier hugged him <3Collapse )
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Hello, this is the naked truth because we got nothing to hide [29 Oct 2010|08:14pm]


two moreCollapse )

EDIT: thanks to rum_game, now we know these photos came from a candid shoot at Algarve (POR) last June. (source)
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José's first day at Real. [17 Jul 2010|11:15am]

It's going much as expected.Collapse )
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From Russian GQ, April 2006 [26 Jan 2010|08:00pm]

There could be some higher resolution of these pics, although they are way bigger than the thumbnails available on Google/Yahoo/[insert provider] images.

+6Collapse )

Happy b-day, stupid paranoid wonderful charming Portuguese man. (Quoting myself, I know. *laughing*)
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Special Youth [30 Nov 2009|11:21pm]

First post, cheryl_bites asked me to share =)
Old picture showing José in all his young'n'naked specialness (+ Vítor Baía as a bonus).

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[08 Oct 2009|03:08pm]


Transcription and translation for non Italian speakers, under here!Collapse )

x-posted to blackblue_blood and josemourinho.
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Inter are training in America. [15 Jul 2009|06:37pm]



Two more under the cutCollapse )
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Old Picture [05 Jul 2009|03:14pm]


I've found an old picture.

I've never seen it anywhere before.

Hope you don't know it either.

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Interview in English! \o/ [26 May 2009|04:36am]


For those of us who really miss the sound of those ridiculous metaphors in the noble tongue that Shakespeare spake: Sky Sports's interview with the great man. (He gets off to a flying start: "99.9% I'm staying. Why not 100%? Because is not 100%, is 99.9." Oh, José, you are truly a second Euclid.)
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Silvino makes his move. [04 Apr 2009|05:45pm]


I can't quite figure out Rui's expression here - is he laughing his socks off, being a voyeur, or grinding his teeth as he plots cunning ways to off his rival?

Two moreCollapse )
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Billy Ocean in remarkable good taste shocker [03 Apr 2009|03:32pm]

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Special!nips [23 Mar 2009|06:16pm]


"José Mourinho Out And About In Milan", says Zimbio. Well, his nipples certainly are. (He's shopping on his own - no Rui this time, sadly.)
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Conf. pre-Roma (28 Feb 2009) [01 Mar 2009|03:00am]

I feel like posting one Jose video. May I?
New press conference video and he looks good.

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Valentine's Day presents? [12 Feb 2009|03:26pm]


José seen shopping in Milan with lots of bags. (Rui is there, too, in the comments.)
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Random man-on-José action [06 Feb 2009|10:51am]


I don't know who this gadge is, but he's a lucky sod. (From some kind of coaching course at Inter.)
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A Special Day for The Special One [26 Jan 2009|02:24am]

[ mood | amused ]

He turned a sexy 46 today.

Speical spam in ontd_football.
Couple of other Jose spams are linked there as well (although they are all members only). Hop on over if they fancy you.
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Bald! [26 Oct 2008|06:57pm]



But why is the hair gone???
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Romania-France match appearance [12 Oct 2008|07:56pm]


José came to watch the Romania-France World Cup qualifier in Constanta. This is good and bad news. Good because he gave interviews in English; bad because he was a guest of the Becalis, who are the Romanian equivalent of Silvio Berlusconi, but a bit more evil. DX

I have a match report here, and it has many large pictures of Jojo plus links to the videos. It's mostly about Romania, though - no need to read all of it if you don't like them.
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His Nibs on Inside Sport [07 Oct 2008|04:25pm]

Jojo was on BBC last night. Here's a little clip on Youtube:

the monologue's fairly interesting, but I've got to admit, I prefer the footage behind the scenes at Inter - at 00:32 he cuddles Giuseppe and then at 1:08 he, erm, tries to pull Silvino's clothes off. O.O

"I like honest people, because I'm honest." Well, quite.
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